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All You Need to Know About Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Coverage for auto insurance is vast, and many risks can be insured. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a policy that affords you coverage beyond the standard insurance policies. You get coverage for all forms of possible damage, excluding collision with objects or other vehicles. Hazards like fire, storms, floods, theft, destruction, and damage by falling objects, and more are typical

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Why Have My Car Insurance Rates Increased?

When a car insurance rate increases, it’s not always due to speeding tickets, hitting a parked car, or overall reckless driving. Good drivers can also have their car insurance rates increased, which can be very upsetting and confusing for them. Information from the Bureau of Labor shows that auto insurance costs increased by 50 percent between 2006 and 2016. The

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What to Expect in a Car Insurance Claim

When you’re involved in an auto accident, working through a claim can be stressful and time-consuming. You may be stressed, flustered, and wondering where to begin. But knowing what to expect can ease you through the process and help you have a pleasant experience working with your claims professional. Although the car insurance claim process can vary, there are some

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Top Reasons Why Auto Insurance Premiums Rise

Have you found that your car insurance has recently increased? If you haven’t filed a claim or changed your coverage, you could be wondering why you are now paying more for coverage. Auto insurance premiums are determined by a range of factors. Many of them are based on your personal information such as the car you drive, your age, and

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