Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that protects the employee in the event of an injury or accident in the workplace. It also protects the employer from lawsuits and the cost of caring for staff from the company’s purse.

What’s tenable as compensation for workers?

As a worker with workers’ compensation coverage, the following claims are tenable.

● Back pay for the period of being out of work as a result of an injury or accident.
● A 100% paid medical expense for a covered injury or accident with no deductible.
● Deserving benefit in the event of partial or permanent disability as a result of the injury.

When an injury takes its toll on you for as long as seven days, you become automatically deserving of a disability benefit. The disability benefit usually entails compensation for part of the wages lost during the period of absence. If the injury sustained from work leads to the demise of the worker, the insurance policy would cover funeral expenses and death benefits for those who depended on the finances of the deceased. The goal of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide financial security for people working with companies or organizations that have workers’ compensation coverage.

How compensation for workers favors employers?

With workers’ comp in place, you can quit worrying about claims from the relatives of the deceased. A workers’ compensation policy rules out the need for a lawsuit or court cases to reach a reasonable consensus. On the other hand, the cost for medical and financial claims is covered by the insurance company. As long as it is a covered injury, the insurance company would cover the cost that arises from this injury at the workplace. It is good to have in place to cover the most probable, common, and serious accidents that can happen in the workplace.

Workers’ compensation insurance is not a replacement for safety and diligence in the workplace. It is neither a call for carelessness in the workplace on the part of the employee or the employer. The extent of damage an injury in the workplace can cause is never certain. Even if you’re insured, why gamble with your life?

It is not uncommon for employees to file litigation against the employer. This is possible when the employer has not put measures in place to guarantee the safety of the workers. Management that shows a lack of care for the safety of the workplace can always be sued in court and claims beyond compensation for workers can be made.

Nevertheless, to do this properly it is wise to engage a personal injury attorney to help you frame your case and defend you every step of the way.

The goal of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide financial security, pay the cost of medical bills, and provide for those who depend on you in the event of your demise. You want to be sure you have the best guidance for your personal injury insurance. At Northeastern Group, we work with businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida to provide workers’ compensation for business. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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