10 Most Common Construction Site Accidents that You Need to Be Aware of

No one wants to sustain injuries as a result of construction accidents. Nevertheless, accidents can happen for one reason or the other. Beyond hazardous materials, dangerous machinery, fatigue, and other common cause of construction accidents, certain scenarios have the potential to cause site injuries. Here are the 10 most common construction site accidents.

1. Slipping & Tripping

Slipping and tripping at a construction site has the potential to become a serious construction accident. Oftentimes there are several items scattered around the site that can harm you when you slip or trip. The construction site is unsafe as many items are littered on the ground. Even items that are considered harmless can still bruise or penetrate your body when you fall.

2. Getting Electrocuted

Construction sites have lots of exposed wires. Most construction sites source electricity from various channels that are not direct. The need to spread electricity around various construction areas puts you at risk of being shocked or electrocuted.

3. Explosions

Anything can be a potential source of an explosion on the site. A site that is situated around pipelines or employs the use of fuels is at risk of due to accidents or carelessness. Gas, petrol, diesel, electricity, fire, and other variables can cause an explosion and other dangerous construction accidents.

4. Falling from High ground

While going about construction work, you may be required to work at higher elevations than the ground floor. Falling from this elevation is one of the most common construction accidents. Sometimes these elevations do not have the best working surface which compounds the danger.

5. Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are a common construction accident at construction sites, especially road construction sites or sites situated around traffic. This accident can happen despite employee vigilance or care. A careless driver can cause an accident or even hit a worker who is working on or near a road.

6. Overexertion

Overexertion is the cause of construction accidents caused by long periods of physical labor in high temperatures. It puts workers at risk of a heat stroke leaving them unable to continue the job. Overexertion should be avoided as it reduces the attention and care with which jobs on the construction site are executed. This puts everyone on the site at higher risk of construction accidents.

7. Defects with Machinery

A malfunction with any of the machinery used on the construction site has the potential to harm the user and others. Faulty machines are a common cause of construction accidents.

8. Collapsing Trenches

Trenches are erected to facilitate construction work when erecting new buildings or expanding old ones. If a trench collapses with workers on them, the extent of damage is unpredictable.

9. Getting hit by an Object

Construction jobs often include pulling down structures which can also be a risky engagement on the site. Most construction jobs with more than one floor have workers at risk of being hit by objects from a higher elevation. Wind or any force can move debris and objects out of place which can fall and hit you.

10. Stuck between Two Objects

The hustle and bustle on the construction site may lead you to become trapped between two objects if you are not staying aware of your surroundings.

These are the 10 most common construction site accidents that can have serious financial and legal implications for your business. Working with a reliable commercial insurance agent can help you find the right policy that suits your business and budget. Contact the team at Northeastern Group Ltd. to get started on your tailored coverage during this challenging time. We serve New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida business owners.

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