Halloween Driving and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, and there are a few things you should consider before the big fright night. Whether you have little ones that are going trick-or-treating, or you plan on celebrating with friends at a bar, there are some essential considerations that will help to keep you and everyone else safe on October 31st.


Halloween Driving Tips

There’s a lot of information instructing children to be safe during Halloween. However, pedestrian-vehicle collisions are four times are likely to happen on Halloween night, so it’s vital to highlight the importance of safe driving on this night. As motorists, we have a responsibility to be extra cautious on this night to help keep children safe.


  • Slow down – Stick to speed limits or below in residential areas, especially during peak trick-or-treating hours. There will be more children on the street in the evening, and many may not know to look before stepping out onto the road. Scan the road up ahead and keep your foot off the accelerator on Halloween.
  • Switch on your headlights – Before the sun sets, turn on your car’s headlights for better visibility. Some children may be dressed in dark-colored costumes, which are difficult to see in the dark. Make it easier to see them and easier for your vehicle to be seen by turning on the lights before it gets dark outside.
  • Eliminate distractions – Distractions in the vehicle can interrupt your concentration while driving. Put your phone out of reach, don’t touch the radio, and limit conversations while you are driving. This will help you put all of your focus into driving and spotting potential hazards.
  • Never drink and drive – If you’re going to be joining in on the Halloween fun, you should schedule a designated driver. Never get behind the wheel of a car after having an alcoholic drink.


Trick-or-Treating Tips

As a parent, you may be taking your children trick-or-treating this Halloween. Beforehand, review these safety tips that can help keep your little ones safe.

  • Avoid sore legs and frustration by planning a route in advance and stick to paths you are familiar with.
  • Put reflective strips on your child’s costume and have them carry small flashlights that allow others to see them clearly.
  • Ensure everyone is wearing comfortable footwear to avoid blisters and painful feet.
  • Make sure that everyone’s costume is comfortable, too. It should not drag on the ground as this could cause children to trip and injure themselves.
  • Establish a curfew. This will help if your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating without you.
  • If a pet tags along when trick-or-treating, make sure they are on a leash. Buy a reflective vest or a light-up leash for them so that others can see the dog.
  • When you get back to the house, check all treats before they are eaten. Throw away candy with torn packages or holes in the wrapper.
  • Keep your home safe by removing anything that could cause kids or adults to fall on your walkway or lawn.


We hope that these tips help you to stay safe this Halloween. While you enjoy this frightful night, let us handle your insurance policies. At Northeastern Group, we work with residents in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida to find the right coverage that suits their needs. Contact us today to get started.

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