Tips for Managing Financial Risk in Construction Projects

Most construction projects begin with a clear budget and deadline in place. However, life happens, and most projects go over budget and are delivered later than expected. This is trying time, it is essential that all people working on these projects know how to stick to the budget and keep in line with the costs dedicated to the construction. Although the budget tends to be an estimate, there can be complexities that arise, and unforeseen hurdles that upend the originally quoted price.

Managing Financial Risk in Construction Projects

Use security

Construction sites are prone to accidents, theft, and disasters. All of these circumstances come with financial risks, and potentially huge financial outlays if the worst does happen. That is why it’s important for construction companies and individuals on the site need to use security to prevent costly disasters. From hiring surveillance teams to implementing the use of technology, there are many ways to reduce the risk of the unexpected occurring.

Examine your contract

Financial risk in the construction industry routinely comes back to the contract itself. In a lot of cases, a company has already determined its fate before introducing any labor or materials to the site by virtue of the contract or agreement that was signed. The first contracting stage of the relationship can have severe consequences down the road, so it is essential to review these documents carefully before agreeing to them.

Change orders

As soon as the ink is dry on the design plans, it’s likely there is a change needed. Preparing the site for construction may lead to the discovery of rocky soil that requires extra effort to remove or an abandoned pipe that needs to be assessed. Either way, there could be a dramatic change to the design. A good contract will create a proper change order and contingency usage process that protects the contractor from unforeseen costs, as well as protecting the owner from losing control of the budget. Although there may be a deadline looming, the owner should always be aware of an authorize any significant departures from the original plan.


Mitigating financial risks in a construction project also deeply depends on the insurance that you acquire and how well it protects you. The right policy should be able to step in when the worst happens so that your finances are not hit hard. Working with the right insurance agency is critical when operating in the construction industry, so be sure to find local professionals that can help safeguard your business, project, and finances.

Every construction project is unique and will have its own complexities. Understanding and addressing concerns up front and structuring the construction contract to be flexible when addressing pitfalls can only help minimize the risk for the owner and contractor.

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