Top Insurance Policies Restaurants Need

Operating a restaurant is a lot of work. From turning over profit to flipping tables to managing staff, there is a lot already on your plate. Even though your focus may be on the day-to-day running of your restaurant, it’s important that your venture is adequately protected. When looking for commercial insurance in Nassau  County, NY for your restaurant, here are some important coverages to consider.


Restaurant Insurance to Consider


General liability insurance – This protects your restaurant from a wide range of losses, including bodily injuries, medical claims, property damage, and advertising injuries. Since legal expenses can run high incredibly easy, this is one important coverage to obtain before opening your doors.


Commercial property insurance – This coverage safeguards your premises against different types of damage. Restaurants are more likely to face property damage than other businesses, such as fires from grease traps, gas leaks, and faulty wiring. Without property insurance, you would have to rebuild and repair your building and equipment from scratch after a disaster.


Equipment breakdown insurance – Restaurants use a range of large equipment items, from refrigerators to stoves to ovens. If this equipment fails, your service capacity will take a hit, causing a loss of income. You can fall back on equipment breakdown insurance to repair or replace malfunctioning equipment and get reimbursed for lost income.


Liquor liability insurance – The risk is very real if you serve liquor in your establishment. If a patron gets drunk at your restaurant and later gets into a fight or causes an accident, the injured party could sue your restaurant. Since general liability coverage won’t protect you from liquor-related incidents, it’s best to buy specific coverage.


While every restaurant is different, these are some of the more basic and essential coverages to consider. At Northeastern Group Ltd., we work with restaurant owners in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida to find the right coverage that suits their needs and business. Contact us today to get started.

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