Top Myths About Auto Insurance

Even with all the information at the touch of a button, it can be difficult to weed out what is true and what’s misleading. This holds true for auto insurance in Nassau County, NY. To help you understand fact from fiction, take a look at the top myths surrounding car insurance coverage.


Common Misconceptions About Car Insurance


Myth 1: Red cars cost more to insure

Insurance companies do care about the car you drive, such as how old it is, what safety features it includes, and the make and model. Yet, the color of the vehicle is rarely, if ever, asked. This is because the color of the vehicle does not impact your auto insurance rates.


Myth 2: Moving doesn’t affect your coverage

When you move, even if it’s just down the road, you should contact your auto insurer. Moving location changes the risks to your car, especially if you are moving from an area of low crime to an area with higher car theft and vandalism claims.


Myth 3: Auto insurance always covers damage from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters

Your coverage greatly depends on your policy choices. Collision insurance typically covers damage to your car from a collision with another vehicle. However, it does not cover vandalism, theft, or natural disasters – but comprehensive insurance does. Be sure you have both comprehensive and collision coverage to fully protect your vehicle.


Myth 4: Every auto insurance agency’s rates are about the same

Premiums will vary significantly among companies, so if you’re looking for the best deal, it’s worth shopping around. What’s more, car insurance can – and should be – customized to each customer’s individual needs.


Myth 5:  If my friend borrows my car, he or she will be responsible for damages

If you let a friend borrow your vehicle, make sure he or she is an experienced driver with a solid driving record. If they go get into an accident, it may be your insurance that has to cover the damages.


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