What to Do When You Are Denied Life Insurance in Nassau County, NY

Purchasing life insurance in Nassau County, NY can be a challenge for some people since every insurer has its own method of selecting clients. Generally, the plan of action to ensure you enroll in a life insurance policy is to keep trying to apply with different insurers. Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about how to deal with a life insurance application denial.

Finding the Right Life Insurance Policy in Nassau County, NY

To find a suitable plan that covers your family in the event of your death, make use of search terms like “life insurance near me.” Life insurance policies are complex and can be customized, so be aware of your options and the fact there are many providers to choose from. Even if one of them denies your life insurance application, there are multiple other alternatives available.

How Your Life Insurance Application Is Reviewed

The insurer reviews your application to assess the risks involved in insuring you by gathering information about you from various sources. Then they review your medical records to assess your current state of health. You will likely need to take a medical exam as well to confirm your condition.

What Can Lead to Denial of Your Application?

The following are a few factors that might result in the denial of a life insurance application.

  • Poor health: People with chronic illness present a high risk to insurers and are therefore denied insurance
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Engaging in smoking and dangerous sports are red flags to insurers that you may need treatment in the future for poor health or a sporting accident
  • Approaching old age: The older you get, the higher the chances of age-related illness, resulting in higher risks for the insurer

What to Do If You Are Denied Life Insurance?

The first step you need to take is to ask the carrier who rejected your application for a copy of the information they used to evaluate your application. This will let you know whether the information that was evaluated was current and correct. You should also review your medical records to see if there is any outdated or inaccurate information that needs to be corrected. If so, notify your healthcare provider to update their records.

If you still have trouble finding a life insurance plan, consider an alternative high-risk coverage plan. These plans usually have higher premiums and provide fewer benefits than standard life insurance plans. These include:

  • Simplified-issue life insurance- which does not require a health exam
  • Guaranteed-acceptance life insurance plan- which limits investigation of your health condition to an interview
  • Employer group life insurance- which is up to your employer and lasts only as long as your employment with the company

Life insurance is something that can provide coverage for you or your family members due to illness or death. The plan should be affordable and function as a safety net if something happens and you are unable to support your loved ones. Contact us at Northeastern Group, LTD, to learn more about your life insurance options.

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